Hi My name is “Zero None Of The Above


I have changed my name by deed poll to “Zero None Of The Above”, in order to give you, the option to exercise your right, to say NO in the UK General Election 2010.


If you find that, in this election, there is no candidate or no party on the ballot paper, that you want to vote for, then vote for me, “Zero None Of The Above”.


If you vote for me, “Zero None Of The Above” and I win, I will be resigning immediately.


A vote for me, “Zero None Of The Above”, really is a vote for “none of the above”, because “none of the above” will be elected, including me.


Question...........What's the point of a “none of the above” box on the ballot paper?


Answer.........if “none of the above” gets the most votes in a constituency, then all the candidates and parties that stood in that constituency, will know they have been rejected.


They are then faced with a choice. They can either stand, in the next election, with the same policies, and face certain rejection again, or they can change.


Question...........Why not just stay at home, if you don't want to vote for anyone?


Answer..............Not only are "stay at home voters" usually labelled "apathetic", but the statement that “40% of the electorate didn't vote” is nowhere near as powerful as the statement that “40% of the electorate voted for none of the above”


So if you don't like what you're being offered in this election, you now have the option to exercise your right to say NO


Vote “Zero None Of The Above”


Because Saying No Is Better Than Saying Nothing



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