The Fun Revolution: Peace Through Friendship, Friendship Through Fun

The Fun Revolution Explained In 2 Minutes


if you don't have time to explore the rest of the site then just watch this very short 2 minute video to get the whole point

The Vision


The Fun Revolution is about having fun and helping people

This Fun Revolution has 3 core principles : encouragement, generosity and fun

We aim to achieve these 3 core principles by promoting Good News, Free Stuff
and Fun

We provide links to Good News sites for you to read and post your own Daily Good News stories, whether they are personal, local, national or international

We have created a Free Stuff page with links to free skills, free tools and free resources so that you can create community and social enterprise projects to your hearts content anywhere in the world

And we have a Fun section with workshops, ideas and activities for you to start building friendships and peace by having more Fun just for the sake of it

Why Encouragement?


The north wind and the sun disputed as to which was the most powerful, and agreed that he should be declared the victor who could first strip a wayfaring man of his clothes. the north wind first tried his power and blew with all his might, but the keener his blasts, the closer the traveler wrapped his cloak around him, until at last, resigning all hope of victory, the wind called upon the sun to see what he could do. The sun suddenly shone out with all his warmth. The traveler no sooner felt his genial rays than he took off one garment after another, and at last, fairly overcome with heat, undressed and bathed in a stream that lay in his path

so have some Good News on us

Why Generosity?

A man is offered a tour of Heaven and Hell. First, he sees Hell, in which all the people are trying to eat with giant unwieldy chopsticks. They struggle to pick up food, but can't get any in their mouths--the chopsticks are too long. All the people there are starving and miserable, constantly tempted by the scent of food but never able to eat. Then he sees Heaven, and is surprised to see the same chopsticks. There, people are feeding each other.

At our workshops or shows, any profit is given away to a workshop participant or member of the audience, via a random draw at the end of the workshop or show.

All the revenue The Fun Revolution recieves from Our internet shop and Our affiliate programs, is also given away, on a daily basis,  to a randomly picked application to the Fun Revolution Trust Fund part of the site. Applications can be from anyone, but they do need to state how they will use the money to either fund food, shelter, heatlthcare or fun for themselves. None of these criteria will however be used to pick the "winning" application on any given day. The "winning" application will be picked totally at random. the sole reason for writing an application stating the purpose you will use the money, is so that people can read the applications at their leisure.

In addition to this The Green Fool caps his earnings at the UK average salary, and gives the rest away, again to total strangers in a random draw via this website.

anyway, enough of that for now, why not just have some Free Stuff on us

Why Fun?

Fun transends all boundaries of race, gender, politics and social status.

Fun has the potential to find the common bonds, build friendships and community.

From this sense of community (one human family) will come the desire to solve all other problems
On a more serious note we really want to enable people to have more fun just for the sake of it.

Our "Green People: Just For The Fun Of It" Workshops enable us to do just this, by gathering people from all races, genders, politics and social status, uniting them in the green costumes with the single minded goal, to go out and have fun. So Simple, Fun and best of all, It Works!!!

You can also take a look at Improv Everywhere to watch some other great ideas in action including the Grand Central Station Freeze.

so have some Fun on us

"it's a beautiful world out there so lets all lighten up a bit and start enjoying the ride"


The Fun Revolution Brand....(Giving away all the profits to you)

This name will primarily be associated with the unique selling point that "all profits are donated to randomly picked strangers to fund fun, food, shelter and first class healthcare for all to which anyone can apply".

The way we do this is to give away all the profit (or if there is no profit, then half the revenue!) from any The Fun Revolution enterprises, on a daily basis, to randomly picked total strangers.

The fact that The Fun Revolution gives away all its profits to random strangers (which could be you!!),  creates demand for fun revolution products, therefore establishing a profitable business , which can pay a regular income and fund a fun fair world, with all the benefits for society that that entails.


Join The Fun Revolution Brand Franchise

Sign up to The Fun Revolution Brand. This is especially appealing if your business is currently running at a loss. If you pledge to donate all future profits, after costs, which obviously include a salary for you, then we will allow you to use The Fun Revolution brand name.


Positive Advertising And Marketing



We are also willing to invest heavily to create inspiring advertising campaigns and slogans that lift the spirits and sell things like ecological solutions and peace using the same methods we currently use to market and sell cars and mobile phones

If you are involved in marketing and advertising and would like to help us, please join the Freeconomy and help us start making it happen

For beginners and budding positive marketeers then The Chalk Revolution is a great way to start

You can also take part in or read our The Fun Revolution Feel Good Survey

Life Is More Precious Than All the Treasures in The Entire Universe


Finally at The Fun Revolution we value the human being above all else, we realise that money is only a means of exchange, therefore if you cannot afford any of the fees quoted for The Fun Revolution products and services on this site, because your own valuable skills are not currently being validated with actual cash, then we invite you to make us an offer in advance of booking i.e skills swap. all offers considered

Better still, join the Freeconomy

Any profit we do make is placed in the "Fun Revolution: Fun Fair World Fund". A fund to fund "Fun, Food, Shelter and First Class Healthcare For All". A fund to which anyone, organisation or individual can apply, yourself included

Spread The Word

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The Fun Revolution: For A Fun Fair World

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