What is "The Basic Income Guarantee"?

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The Short Version

A basic income guarantee (or unconditional universal basic income) is an unconditional sum of money, paid periodically to every single citizen, without them having to do anything for it.

leaving every citizen free to use their life as they decide to

giving every citizen the right to choose what work they do, the right to be truely free

if people choose to work for someone else, then they will still keep all their universal basic income, therefore becoming even more wealthy, and therefore able to buy the more luxury items in life

the fact that these people can truly choose to work, means they have a true choice of the work they do, and therefore may decide to base that choice on the value the work creates in the world, and maybe choose not to do work that is destructive, whether to peoples welfare or to the environment as a whole

if people choose to run businesses, they can even become super wealthy, should they wish to do so

the whole thing can be paid for by replacing all taxes, with one single tax.

a tax on spending

Government gives me £5. I pass that £5 round a group of 10 friends. By the time the £5 comes back to me, it has been spent 10 times. Creating a turnover of £50. If the government taxes that spending at 20%, it raises £10 in tax. Making a profit of £5.

the bottom line is that every person on the planet gets their basic needs met and work becomes defined as something you "want to do" rather than "have to do to survive"

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The Long Version


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